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Hex Bar

A hex bar, also known as a trap bar or shrug bar, is a weightlifting bar with a hexagonal shape that is used for exercises such as deadlifts and shrugs. One of the main benefits of using a hex bar is that it allows for a more neutral grip, which can reduce strain on the wrists and lower back. This makes it a good option for people with injuries or those who are new to weightlifting.

Another benefit of the hex bar is that it can be easier to load with weight plates compared to a straight bar. This is because the plates can be loaded onto the sides of the hexagonal shape rather than in the center, which can make it easier to balance the weight.

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UNS N08904 Hex Bar, 310 Stainless Steel Hex Bar, ASME SA276 SS 310 Hex Bar, ASME SA479 SS 316 Hex Bar, UNS S30400 Hex Bar, DIN 1.4301 Hex Bar, Hastelloy C22 Hex Bar, ASTM A276 Type SS 304 Hex Bar.

In terms of its physical properties, a hex bar is typically made of steel and has a knurled grip to provide a secure hold. The size and dimensions of a hex bar can vary depending on the specific model. In general, hex bars are typically 4 to 7 feet in length and have a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds or more. The hexagonal shape of the bar allows for a more neutral grip and easier loading of weight plates, making it a popular choice for exercises such as deadlifts and shrugs. The knurled grip on the bar provides a secure hold, and the steel construction makes it durable and long-lasting.

Overall, the hex bar is a useful piece of equipment for weightlifting that can provide a number of benefits, including a more neutral grip, easier loading of weight plates, and reduced strain on the wrists and lower back. It is a good option for a wide range of exercises, including deadlifts, shrugs, and even squats and lunges.

At our company, we take great care in packing our hex bars to ensure they arrive to our customers in excellent condition. First, we wrap the bar in bubble wrap to protect it from any bumps or scratches during shipping. Next, we place the wrapped bar in a sturdy cardboard box, filling any empty space with packing peanuts to secure the bar in place further. We also include instructions for safely lifting and using the hex bar to ensure our customers have a positive experience with their purchase. Our commitment to quality packaging ensures that our hex bars arrive to our customers ready to use and enjoy.

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Specification:- Hex Bar

Standard:ASTM, ASME, DIN, BS, EN, IS, AMS, JIS, IBR & Other International Standards.
Materials:Stainless Steel Hex Bar,Carbon Steel Hex Bar,Alloy Steel Hex Bar,Copper Nickel Hex Bar,Hastelloy Hex Bar,Duplex / Super Duplex Steel Hex Bar, Incoloy / Inconel Hex Bar, Monel Hex Bar, Nickel Hex Bar, Titanium Hex Bar, 253MA Hex Bar, AL6XN Hex Bars, Custom 450 Hex Bar, Jethete Hex Bars, Beryllium Copper Hex Bar,
StandardASTM A276 and A582
ConditionCold drawn
Size RangeWidtd 6.35 to 63.50 mm (across the flat)
Grades304, 316, Improved Machining
ProcessingBar cutting
Order ServicesMachining (CNC), Centreless Grinding (CG), Heat Treatment, Anneling, Pickling, Polish, Rolling, Forging, Cutting, Bending, Minor Fabrication,
Test CertificateManufacturer Test Certificate / Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab / Under tdird Party Inspection & witd Excise Gate Pass to avail Modvat benefit.
Bar FinishingBright, Polish & Hex

Dimensions :- Hex Bar

Diameter or
Weight per meterSectional AreaPerimeter

Other Types :- Hex Bar

Bright Bar

Hex Bar

Rectangular Bar

Square Bar

Threaded Bar

Black Bar

Cold Drawn Round Bar

Peeled Round Bar

Flat Bar

Hexagonal Bar

Polished Bar

Hot Rolled Bar

Triangle Bar

Half Round Bar

Deformed bar

Price List :- Hex Bar

Round BarsUS $1000-2500 / Ton
Square BarsUS $1000-2500 / Ton
Flat BarsUS $1.5-4.5 / Kilogram
Threaded BarsUS $1800-2300 / Ton
Hollow BarsUS $1550-2400 / Ton
Hexagonal BarsUS $1800-2300 / Ton
Triangular BarsUS $1300-2600 / Metric Ton
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We ship our stainless steel metal products in industry leading packaging designed to ensure your order reaches its destination safely. We offer multiple packaging options to meet your specific requirements. Packing is quite important especially in a case of international shipments in which consignment pass through various channels to reach the ultimate destination, so we put special concern regarding packaging. We pack our goods in numerous ways based on the products. We pack our products in multiple ways, such as,

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